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Clinical Transformation Unifying disparate data, illuminating clinical practice patterns, propelling informed economic decisions.

Evidence-based Decisions: For the first time, hospitals have instant access to actionable information on cost, quality and outcomes across the entire patient experience.

Clinical IQ solves the disparate data problem in healthcare: enabling visibility into normalized, synchronized and integrated data from the materials, clinical, financial and billing systems – all in a single web-based tool.

Clinical IQ is a web-based technology solution that connects clinical and perioperative data with actual supply cost and reimbursement data at the procedural and line item level. For the first time, hospitals have access to clean data across the entire continuum of care, empowering decision-makers with insights to measure practice variation and profitability, as well as unveiling the relationship between supplies and reimbursement.

Eliminating the need for costly IT implementation, Healthcare IQ captures, normalizes and enhances the disparate data, then ties it to the HCIQ Data Warehouse, where the data is further enhanced with industry-leading benchmarks, clinically reviewed equivalents, and calculated metrics. Healthcare IQ fixes the information gaps that lead to inaccurate assumptions, eliminating bad data, linking disparate data sets and creating streamlined analytics.

With Clinical IQ, hospitals have access to high-integrity data to drive smarter decisions. This high-performance tool provides users with:

  • Immediate access to the most robust spend data warehouse in the industry – connected to the hospital’s clinical, operational and financial databases
  • Comparative analytics including benchmarks, market share and profitability by service line, procedure, physician, reimbursement
  • Ability to identify key data points critical in driving appropriate resource consumption, preserving quality and supporting desired outcomes
  • Metrics needed to garner support and encourage collaboration among key stakeholders, including administration, physicians and patient care professionals


Integrate disparate systems
    • Materials Management Information Systems (MMIS)
    • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
    • Clinical Information Systems (CIS)
    • Charge Master (CDM)
    • Financial
    • Contract Repository
Normalize and/or correct the data
    • Reduce informational gaps and provide transparency
    • Normalize catalog numbers, manufacturers, descriptions, units of measure
    • 90% plus match rates for all med-surg items; 99.5% for physician preference items
Enhance the data
    • Robust product catalog – over 6.75 million unique items
    • Contract data – GPO/Local
    • Supply cost benchmarks
    • IDN clinical benchmarks
    • Classifications – UNSPSC, HCPCS, HCIQ
    • Clinically reviewed equivalents
    • Cross-references
    • Revenue cycle
    • Reporting that is straightforward, actionable and transparent
    • Analytics to facilitate operational, financial and strategic decision-making
    • Standard reports and custom reports to support the needs of specific initiatives
Easy access
    • Easy-to-use, web-based tool
    • Access uploaded information within days
    • Clinical Dashboards to identify practice variation and support best practices
    • Executive Dashboards with financial information to quickly identify the more profitable areas