Healthcare IQ is an advanced informatics offering with the depth and breadth to address multi-discipline solutions. It provides analytics and comparative data for the decision-support of operational, financial and clinical challenges faced by today's healthcare systems. Healthcare IQ is built upon the most advanced data warehouse in the industry. Unrivaled in healthcare, millions of data points are aggregated from disparate materials, financial, clinical and reimbursement systems into one common platform. By providing visibility to operations, finance and complex clinical analytical situations, Healthcare IQ has become both the foundation and driver of Clinical Efficacy Informatics, a comprehensive solution for successfully managing the challenges of today's healthcare organizations. This highly advanced solution is composed of the following key elements:

Delivery frameworks
  • InformaticsDelivery frameworks

    Informatics IQ is a user-friendly, web-based technology that provides hospitals complete visibility into their purchase history to aid in making sound business decisions.learn more Healthcare IQ

  • ClinicalDelivery frameworks

    Clinical IQ is a web-based technology solution that connects clinical and perioperative data with actual supply cost and reimbursement data at the procedural and line item level.learn more Healthcare IQ

  • ColoursDelivery frameworks

    Leading the industry, Colours IQ is redefining the way hospitals approach business decisions in clinical, financial and operational areas.learn more Healthcare IQ

  • Delivery frameworksCenter

    Designed as a support center for customers, the IQ Center has the resources, technology and knowledge base to assist hospitals on an ongoing or on a project basis, on-site or remotely.learn more Healthcare IQ

  • RequisitionDelivery frameworks

    Requisition IQ is a simple, web-based front-end requisition system that combines information from the Healthcare IQ Data Warehouse with hospital MMIS data to provide requisitions that are complete, accurate, and actionable.learn more Healthcare IQ