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Intelligent Analytics Informatics IQ is the analytical tool with greater depth and dimension than any offering in the healthcare market.

Intelligent Analytics: Informatics IQ is the healthcare supply chain management analytics tool giving healthcare providers greater depth and transparency into healthcare vendor management and healthcare materials management.

Healthcare Supply Chain Optimization: reducing supply costs to healthcare providers through data normalization with easy-to-read customized decision-making reporting.

Informatics IQ is a user-friendly, web-based technology solution delivering an unprecedented level of data access to healthcare providers and hospitals. Combined with industry-leading benchmarks and suggested product substitutions and cross-references, it will optimize your healthcare supply chain management system. Advanced features include dashboards, healthcare vendor contract management and an analytics tool that allows for customized decision-making reporting. This will facilitate improvements in your healthcare supply chain management and contract compliance for supply, all with targeted healthcare data analytics.

Our web-based healthcare management tool, Informatics IQ gives users the following:

  • Displays accurate and transparent data that is critical to make informed decisions
  • Provides unparalleled analysis of opportunities and trends in real-time
  • Presents rapid access to benchmarks, comparisons and product cross-references
  • Displays business intelligence in simplified dashboards
  • Customizes queries into charts, graphs, Excel or multiple formats
  • Monitors contract compliance
  • Delivers speed to discovery of opportunities and action
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Additional features of Informatics IQ include:

  • Users can easily search millions of items, view their Item Master, research benchmarks, view their contracts, and research suggested product substitutions.

  • Hospitals, for the first time, have complete visibility into their own data. A wide variety of reports, such as product line analysis, contract conversion or manufacturer division level analysis, are quickly delivered and easily exported.

  • This feature is a powerful, high-level method of viewing data. Analytics can easily be refreshed and refined in real-time.

  • Users have access to an interactive repository that stores individual contracts in electronic and PDF format. Customers are able to query their contracts and also are able to receive notification of expiring contracts through a customizable Alerting System.

  • Ability to track user activity.