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About Healthcare IQ

Healthcare IQ invites you to request a demonstration of how we take a hospital’s complex data and transform it into Actionable Intelligence.

The Healthcare IQ library of video reenactments is based on actual scenarios. With the help of the Healthcare IQ suite of revolutionary products and services, hospitals are empowered with visibility into complex data, and given tools to transform that data into fully informed clinical, financial and operational business decisions.

All the reenactments demonstrate how Healthcare IQ can make an immediate and transformative impact on hospitals today.

Topics covered include:

  • Discovering and implementing savings
  • Improving market position with Healthcare IQ benchmarks
  • Comparing costs to reimbursements and identifying upside-down cases
  • Getting the best prices on items hospitals buy the most
  • Maximizing the tier structure on contracts
  • Viewing normalized and enriched data across an entire IDN’s disparate systems
  • Determining when a procedure is on- or off-budget by physician
  • Identifying opportunities for standardization

In addition to the series of videos, we welcome the opportunity to schedule a live demonstration customized to your specific needs.