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Visible Insights Colours IQ is a dynamic graphics application that provides a clear interpretation of data.

Redefining the Way Hospitals and Healthcare Providers Approach Business Decisions: With the ability to seamlessly aggregate data from multiple systems, platforms and facilities, Colours IQ integrates millions of data points into one easy-to-use visual data system for business decisions related to healthcare.

Decision Support for Healthcare Leadership: This advanced visual data system helps control healthcare supply costs by aligning healthcare executives with unbiased, actionable, and easily understood data, promoting discovery and collaboration among clinicians, physicians, materials and operations, as well as the C-Suite and finance departments.

Leading the industry, Colours IQ is redefining the way hospitals, health systems, and healthcare providers approach business decisions related to costs in clinical, financial and operational areas. With easy-to-read reports, Colours IQ delivers a distilled view of costs and identifies exactly where savings’ opportunities exist – both in price and utilization. A three-dimensional visual language of data is created, detailing how to implement the changes needed to secure healthcare cost reductions.

  • Provides a universal, visual language of data that is easily understood by all decision-makers providing unparalleled analysis of healthcare cost opportunities and trends, in real time
  • Decision-makers interact with data visually to explore, share and collaboratively create strategies based on intuitive infographics
  • Promotes discovery and collaboration between clinicians, materials and operations, as well as the C-Suite and finance departments
  • Drills down into any level of detail or view based on user’s preference either in aggregate or to the individual product
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