Client Testimonials
"Without an automated system to tie purchase lines coming through distribution to the correct MFGs and corresponding contracts, Adventist Health System had no way to ensure we were paying the correct price. Furthermore, we did not know whether the price we were paying was competitive within the industry. Healthcare IQ aggregated our purchase history into a single file, and transformed the data into actionable information. Our purchase history was mapped to the correct MFGs and we knew whether the price we were paying was accurate. With the included benchmark data, we could also see how competitive our pricing was in a given category. Today the data we receive from Healthcare IQ really drives our business, and forms the basis for 80% of the work completed by the Supply Chain Management department.

Healthcare IQ gives us a consistent platform for the transformation of data into information- consolidating our purchase history from disparate MMIS systems, and mapping the items so we have the visibility to make sound business decisions.

At their core, spend analytics tools are only as good as their mapped data, and Healthcare IQ's high mapped percentage sets them apart from other players in the field."

Derek Stewart,
Director Supply Chain Support Services
Adventist Health System
"I have been very pleased with the dedication, attention to detail and savings opportunities they have identified as well as the item master normalization. I find the onsite analysts to be very knowledgeable in supply chain, data mining and negotiation. The home office support is on the leading edge.

We have been able to establish a team approach to achieving savings opportunities. By meeting with key surgeons and showing them the data via the Colours IQ Software, we have been able to get the surgeons to become part of the negotiation team. This means they have agreed to let the vendors know they support Healthcare IQ and EMHS working together to reduce costs and review utilization. Once this was accomplished, we (HCIQ & I) met with the PPI vendor. The vendor was surprised by the pricing detail that Healthcare IQ had, resulting in a significant saving opportunity for EMHS. It is important to mention EMHS Supply Chain is in the driver's seat on all initiatives.

Before you agree to move forward with the HCIQ approach you must agree within your facility or system that their finding does not mean you and your teams have not done a good job. It means you have never been able to mine the data to the level HCIQ does. So every shared savings is a celebration.

In summary I am delighted we partnered with Healthcare IQ and I look forward to achieving even more savings."

George A. Pelissier, CMRP
Corporate Director Of Supply Chain
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems