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Healthcare IQ
Advanced technology and analytics that transforms data
from multiple systems into powerful financial and clinical intelligence
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Healthcare IQ is an independent Data Management and Analytics Company with decades of experience transforming complex data into spend, clinical, and performance opportunities

We offer data transformation and data integrity, real-time reporting, and user-friendly tools that give instant access to actionable insights

We lead the industry with our comprehensive approach

Our advanced technology, analytics capabilities, and years of healthcare data expertise drive us to deliver innovative solutions


Next generation technology does the heavy lifting to get your data ready for analysis


Guided workflows and on-demand reporting propel analysis and track progress


Data governance, integration, and analytics experts work together to ensure data quality

Blue IQ Suite gives you immediate access to insights that lead to action

Product Catalog

Search over 5 million items with up-to-date pricing and normalized product attributes

Spend Analytics

Optimize the supply chain and expedite savings

Utilization Analytics

Target cost intelligence with clinical context

Colours IQ

Deep dive through billions of data points with the Visual Language of Data

Blue IQ offers value from minute one

Know your price performance in relation to product benchmarks

Know your most substantial opportunities by Manufacturer, Vendor, and Product Line

Meet savings expectations

Track product conversions

Achieve price-parity across facilities

Know the most common procedures and their average cost

Determine the effects of procedure volume on cost

Compare cost per case by procedure

Identify top performing procedures

Understand how products influence OR time

Identify physician outliers

Track utilization of products by physician

Know the average OR time of physicians

Blue IQ puts your insights to work across clinical, operational, and financial initiatives

Put Blue IQ to work for you