Turn your data challenges into data assets

Advanced Technology

Enhanced Security

We put your data security at the forefront, ensuring sensitive customer data is always secure

Exceeding HIPAA standards, we engineer to HITRUST, a framework with a validated assessment of over 130 controls

Secure cloud-agnostic infrastructure is compatible with any cloud environment

Microservices Platform

Future-ready architecture ensures flexibility and extendibility to meet healthcare industry needs

Individual components and services work to create a complete, innovative system that supports emerging technologies

Works with all your data from any Materials, Operating Room, and Electronic Medical Records systems and has the power to process millions of lines of data

Advanced Analytics

Put all your data to work with accurate and insightful analytics – in as few as two clicks

Empower teams with self-service access to all the information they need to drive initiatives

Make smart product selections by comparing cost to each and gaining insight into specifically how products are being used

Fast-track smart data discovery with guided analytics based on industry best-practices

Easily monitor performance with pre-built dashboards and reports

Support collaboration with ground-breaking data visualization

Improve your analytics abilities with benchmarks, categorizations, and comparisons with clinical context

Capabilities Summary

Product Catalog

Cost Reduction

Off Contract Opportunities

On Contract Performance

Market Share

Price Parity Savings

Top Spend Reporting

Clinical Item Utilization

Cost per Case

Length of Stay

OR Time

ASA Rating

Physician Comparative Analysis

Procedure Variation

Physician Utilization

Contribution Margin

Payor Mix by Patient Case

Payor Mix by Physician

Payor Mix by Procedure

Revenue vs. Cost per Case (Margin Management)

Revenue by Case by Payor


8_what we do implementation
Seamless Implementation

Our multi-disciplinary team has extensive experience working with complex healthcare data plus a deep understanding of supply chain and clinical operations. Together, they work to ensure a seamless, professional experience.

9_what we do data governance
Data Governance

To make good decisions, you need good data. The team performs technical, financial, and clinical reviews to provide you with a Data Appraisal that offers insights into data quality readiness.

10_what we do acct management
Account Management

Your trusted advisor helps you master the tools, answer data and technical questions, and guides you to opportunities that lead to savings and performance improvement.

 Data Value Chain

You get data that is expected, recognizable, meaningful, actionable, and trusted.


We begin by collaborating on business and data requirements, then guide you through the entire data gathering process


You receive a holistic appraisal of data that unveils interoperability issues, outliers, data readiness, and data input gaps


We apply product recognition technology that integrates, normalizes, and enriches your data to maximize its value


With data optimized and enriched, you're ready to take full advantage of the power of HCIQ Analytics

Put Blue IQ to work for you