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Healthcare Providers – Clinical

The clinical environment in hospitals often has conflicting drivers. By aligning disparate information systems through total clinical integration, hospitals can finally visualize opportunities, reduce waste, and drive costs out of the system.

Healthcare Providers – Supply Chain

Supply Chain is uniquely positioned to drive data-driven strategic decisions within the healthcare space. Build a collaborative community with HCIQ tools as the catalyst for strategic sourcing initiatives, aligning purchasing strategies with overall business goals. Guide product selection and process improvement with targeted analytics that support the strategic management of supply chain, contract compliance, and departmental performance.


Healthcare Providers – Finance

A strong financial bottom line is critical in a turbulent healthcare environment. HCIQ prepares decision-makers with a single source of truth, providing transparency from product to payer. Measure, monitor, and share financial metrics with dashboards, reports, and workflows to drive cost reductions, reveal practice variation, and more, all in one place.


Healthcare IQ offers Rapid Assessments to support client initiatives with normalized, enriched, clinically integrated data. Save thousands of hours of valuable time and fast-track initiatives with access to the best, most accurate, and dynamic data in the industry. Collaborate with tools that support unprecedented transparency, enabling creative, evidence-based decisions.