• Actionable

    Healthcare IQ is a highly advanced solution providing a portfolio of data management capabilities.

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  • Intelligent

    Informatics IQ is the analytical tool with greater depth and dimension than any offering in the healthcare market.

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  • Clinical

    Clinical IQ – unifying disparate data,
    illuminating clinical practice patterns,
    propelling informed economic decisions.

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  • Visible

    Colours IQ is a dynamic graphics application that provides a clear interpretation of data.

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  • Performance

    IQ Center supports key initiatives and
    projects with knowledgeable healthcare
    professionals, clinicians and analysts.

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  • Healthcare IQ - Operational


    Operational improvements are paramount for efficiency and productivity today. Having a comprehensive view of targeted...

  • Healthcare IQ - financial


    A strong financial bottom line is critical in a turbulent healthcare environment. Visibility to key financial metrics and drivers will provide clear...

  • Healthcare IQ - clinical


    The clinical environment in today's hospitals, often seem to have conflicting drivers. By aligning disparate points of information you will...