Slide Blue IQ Suite A powerhouse combination of speed, ease of use, and flexibility that sets the new standard in healthcare analytics

Product Catalog

Research product details, benchmarks, and utilization all in one view

Confidently enter purchasing agreements with visibility into national product price benchmarks.

Understand how a product is used – by procedure, physician, service line, and more.

Instantly track compliance to product conversions at the point of use.

Research prospective products that have more favorable contract pricing.

Spend Analytics

Find Savings Fast

The Savings Opportunity Report is your exclusive savings roadmap. Slice and dice the data by manufacturer, product groupings, procedures, and more.

Find the most substantial gaps in pricing for true cost to each comparison. Move from high-level views to details instantly, then take action on more advantageous purchasing strategies.

Celebrate your success on all the savings you've achieved! Savings can be broken down in several ways, so different departments or stakeholders can see how they are doing with their specific goals.

Utilization Analytics

See every product used in every case in seconds

Understand how product selections impact OR time, budget, and outcomes, and establish a measurable standard for comparison to peers and procedures to drive best practices.

Quickly see product pricing and utilization outliers, helping you zero in on root causes of clinical variation.

Simplify budgeting with average cost and average usage per case, both within a procedure or service line.

Work with physicians to identify high-cost or high-use items, find low-cost, high-quality product alternatives, and track compliance to product conversions.

Colours IQ

The Visual Language of Data

Unleash the power of your data with Colours IQ


Access billions of data points in a matter of seconds

Move through 250,000 pivot tables in a single map

Drill into data more than 100 layers deep

Create and save custom drill paths

Customize recurring data reports – daily, monthly, quarterly, annually


Deepen the quality and scope of your analysis

Increase transparency, pinpoint anomalies, and monitor change

See the overview and detail in one simple view

Promote collaboration by displaying real-time answers that ”keep up with the conversation.”

Spend less time finding issues and more time dealing with them

See Colours IQ in Action

Know the unknowable – Colours IQ works with any data set, empowering you to explore insights typically hidden with standard analytics tools

Additional Services

IQ Center

Project-based support when time and resources are constrained

The IQ Center team of experienced professionals can be engaged on an ongoing or unique project basis. We combine top talent with our knowledgebase of successful initiatives, including benchmarking analysis, product conversion analysis, contract optimization, and realized savings tracking.

Data Quality Audit

Discover the quality of your data

Whether transitioning to a new system or reducing inefficiencies, HCIQ will accurately assess your data quality with our proprietary Data Appraisal Summary. The report shows where your gaps are, so you know exactly where to focus on improving data quality within your organization.

Rapid Assessments

Focused reports in an accelerated timeframe

Rapid Assessments are the solution when you need information right away. Spend Rapid Assessments deliver actionable, quick-win benchmark savings opportunities on products; Clinical Rapid Assessments enable analysis on supply cost per case and clinical variation; and the M&A Assessment aggregates supply spend from merging systems for a timely comparative cost analysis.

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